Making Change Good

My daughter & I are talking about all the changes happening for us currently. We’ve got school changes, friend adjustments (saying goodbye & meeting new friends), neighborhood transitions and heaps more. 
We just talked about how Jacob in Genesis underwent huge amounts of change: his family relationships, place where he lived, job functions, marriage & children adjustments and even moving to Egypt at the end of his life. Here are some things to help make change be positive in your life:

  • Prepare rather than deny: just because you may want to deny some impending changes doesn’t make them evaporate; preparing is more proactive than denying
  • Keep positive: it always helps me remember Rom 8:28-9, that as long as I stay in love with God & locked into God’s purposes, all things work together for my good
  • Be practical: maintain routines & schedules, drink more water & less coffee / soda, eat healthy, exercise & get good sleep
  • Trust God: always keep in mind that God gives us what we need or God changes our needs

In God’s hands, change can be awesome 🙂


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Cristina Parodi

The Lord is faithful !!! but always gives signals that the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts … Life is aligned with and he will bless !! kisses Cris !!!!

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