Makeup lessons

Anyone who even remotely knows me will TOTALLY laugh at this post – me giving makeup advice is the the captain of the Titanic trying to coach Noah, nothing short of disaster ,)
Nevertheless, here are a few pts I’ve learned:
*use a clean brush otherwise, nothing goes on your face
*use quality makeup if you need it to last awhile
*good light is essential – if you can see what you’re putting on, you could have disastrous results (this happened to me once)

I’m sure there’s lots more, but these short pts can also apply to our walk w God
*Application without purity is fruitless
*the greater the quality of the Bible in our lives the longer it’s effects last
*light is always an essential to see what’s going on 🙂



nice analogy!! and true for both <3

God is so practical!!! Thanks Sarah. 🙂

I don’t know what country my phone thinks I’m in but I’m really not across the international date line! Hahaha

Okay, now that you have mentioned it – I just gotta say it, You know I am a huge fan…your “witticism” is somewhere between Samuel Clemens and Will Rogers – incredible love it. I find you have an attractive all american mom visage (enough said. lest we both blush), BUT inf fashion wear, hmmm I just don’t know where you are going. There is the saving Moses look, the Mod-Mom appeal, then the sometimes conservative almost “matronly” look (least favorite). I think you are the (again) All American Family Voice that calls it like it is without all the “religiousity” that is often thrown in by TV preachers – a breath of fresh gospel air. Believe me Ms. Sarah not being critical but constructive – find your fashion voice to go along with your talented TV/Internet message, which is supreme – bottom line is you are still marvelous.

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