Things usually last longer when we keep up with regular maintenance – on our cars, with our homes, health & relationships, which can be kind of tricky.  All relationships go through ups and downs, but being steady with the maintenance piece is an essential ingredient for any relationship continuity.  With this being said, let’s be certain to keep consistent with the daily maintenance of our walk with God & here are some helpful thoughts about this:

  • any effort I give to my relationship with God always seems to be microscopic compared to what I receive back from God
  • God applauds faithfulness – another word for maintenance:  “Well done, thou God & faithful servant”
  • maintenance with God isn’t just a Sunday, Christmas or Easter event – it’s the daily connection through prayer & the Bible that fit the maintenance paradigm
  • sometimes this is true:  walking with God (maintenance) + working for God = wonders from God ,)


Maintenance and Persistence seem to have a similar ring. It’s putting the “bit in our mouth” and maintaining the focus of which the advesary really wants us to take our focus off of Jesus and check out the worlds temptations and perspectives i.e. Adam /Eve, Peter walking on the water, but the good news is He is there to rescue us despite our fallen nature -that’s grace. But maitenance and persistence is a choice of habit no matter how tired you get – Smiles and Blessings

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