Loving People

Whenever I get my hair fixed, it’s always lots of fun because of the different kinds of people I get to meet – some are intense, some are bubbly, some have an ├╝ber dry whit, others are reflective & observant . . . . . So many different kinda of people & all uniquely wonderful. So whenever I get my hair done, it’s always like a party day to celebrate people & enjoy such unique & delightful personalities. It makes me thankful that God is amazingly creative, extravagant, gracious & most of all, loving!



Joan Thompson

god is loving always

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Hmmm I say the same thing about Massage Envy for the trained or training professional who can work out all those little hidden tension muscle bumps where we are hiding our “cares of this world” on our shoulders and necks… the hot rocks one is exceptional – even better than eating a caterpillar. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..

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