Loving Cranky People

Do you have people in your life who seem like porcupines? There are people who go through difficult seasons & experiences,causing them to be prickly & cranky. Generally, when people are cranky we want to stay away from them because they’re unpleasant & we want to shield ourselves from possible jabs or hateful darts.
In contrast, it seems to me that Jesus ran to the porcupine people with genuine love & they often softened from His sincere interest & engagement in their lives. Love seems to be more difficult when we focus on the pain, cranky & porcupine actions rather than the person. Let’s decide to love well, full stop.


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Jill Allerton

I do know some porcupine people. To be honest when my ex-husband divorced me in the 1970’s I tended to be one of those people, especially since I did not want the divorce. Of course I forgave him – it took quite awhile. That was a long time ago.

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