Love Is Light

There’s plenty of darkness in our world & lots of that darkness comes from letting hate & apathy into our hearts. For example, my friend was telling me about a brothel in Bangladesh where the underage workers are forced to take bovine steroids to force their bodies to develop & be more appealing to clients. Obviously, the steroids have very negative results on these girls’ bodies to say nothing about the babies born & toddlers raised in this environment. Truly, brothels like the one I described are dark & deplorable.

Enter nightcare with Saving Moses. In Cambodia, we have four nightcare centers where we look after the babies & toddlers of prostitutes while they work. These sex workers have no way to look after their babies or toddlers while they work, so our centers are essential to the nurture, upbringing & worldview for these lovely treasures! Jesus talks about caring for Him when we look after “the least of these” in Matthew 24.

Be sure to watch my blog over the next week as I visit Bangledesh to bring love & light to the least of these!



God bless you, Sarah. You have a heart of gold and I wish I could go to Bangladesh with you to care for those wonderful little souls. I was estranged from my mother at age one, afterward, the man providing a roof over my head and food on the table, was never confirmed to be my Dad. My sister and I were fortunate enough to have my father (?) and his family care for us, try to instill whatever decency they could with the little time they had with us. I thank the Lord every day for people who can look past the rumors and gossip and be kind, gentle, loving, and willing to care for those left behind by whatever circumstances. You have a wonderful soul. Lord and Savior, thank you for Sarah and her team for caring so much. Amen!

This makes my heart so sad. Praying for Divine Effectiveness as you travel to Bangladesh with genuine love for “the least of these.”

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