Losing Your Luggage

There’s much to be said for losing your luggage when you travel overseas. If you’re going to buy some spare clothes until your luggage arrives, clothing size can be a challenge. And toothpaste flavors in foreign countries can be quite an adventure. Of course there’s also the logistics of filing a lost luggage report w the airline & keeping track of the file reference. Clearly, I’ve done lost luggage more than once.

But here’s some upside to losing your luggage:

  • Less weight:  maybe we would be wise to offload some of our burdens into Jesus so that we can do life with greater agility & joy. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy & My burden is lite.”
  • Less image concern:  true beauty is displayed in our words & actions more than our clothing & appearance.
  •  More character:  while I don’t like this axiom, it is true nonetheless. Adversity can develop character – yea rah 🙂

So here’s to lite traveling, sturdy character & internal beauty 🙂


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