Losing things

Seems like I’ve been losing things lately – lost my wedding ring on Sun (found it), lost a book I’ve been reading, lost a water bottle in Cambodia last week & I’m sure there are some other things I’ve lost lately that I can’t recall at the moment. Nevertheless, losing things can be mildly unsettling to very disturbing so this kind of losing adventure is never in my top 3 fun experiences.
But, we there are a few things that we absolutely MUST LOSE. We must lose:
*critical & judgmental outlooks & attitudes – Paul says in Ephesians 4 that our words should build up each other
*deception – Jesus tells us in John 14 that the Helper (Holy Spirit) will guide us into truth; following the Helper means that we must lose deception
*insecurity – knowing that we are infinitely loved without condition by the Triune God doesn’t give us space to hold onto insecurity
Any other suggestions about things we should lose?
Have an awesome Wednesday!



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