looking for the jackass

I read this morning about how Saul and his friend went looking for his father’s donkeys (jackasses if you prefer a more earthy vernacular).  Saul was looking for jackasses, but Samuel was watching for Israel’s next king, pre-selected by God.

Sometimes it’s easy to get earthbound with all of our responsibilities, concerns, challenges, etc.    When you consider the contrast between Saul & Samuel in 1 Samuel 9, it’s an interesting study in viewpoints, priorities and the different ways that God directs our steps.  Personally, I want to be more like Samuel than Saul.  I prefer to be led by God based on a deep & intimate relationship with God rather than like Saul who stumbled into God’s will on the earthbound search for his dad’s jackasses ,)



Teresa Prefountain

Great viewpoint!

Hmmm sounds like an interesting premise and I sure would be interested when you get the chance to speak on it.
You know I really just don’t understand why Orchard CC, Marilyn and Sarah, and Your television ministry doesn’t always tie everything together so that one entity feeds and supports the other. I know it is clear to you, but not so clear to building your local ministry which would further support your righteous endeavors.
In other words you know what Joel is going to preach / where he is going to preach/ and what their ministry is all about, but I just can’t get a handle on how your ministry really works between your local church, global television, and your missionary endeavors, but as always I enjoy your messages. Blessings

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