Looking for Love

I think it’s part of our human experience to have a desire to be loved. We want to be valued, appreciated, recognized, affirmed . . . . not only for what we do, our looks, our talents, achievements & more. We went to be loved for who we are.  
While I’m more than grateful for the many wonderful people who have been in my life from infancy until today, let’s be very certain that we’ll never find anyone who loves us with such purity & holiness as our Heavenly Father. 

Today being Good Friday, this reminds us more than other day that the Triune God loves us. Today, we honor Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross for us, a brutal, gruesome & barbaric death in contrast to the most pure & undefiled love ever expressed throughout the entirety of human history. 

It is indeed a Good Friday to know that God loves us all the way through human depravity & death. You don’t have to keep looking for love. Let the Holy Spirit pour love into your heart, Romans 5:5


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