Looking for Jesus: Clear Vision


Ok, I can appreciate that I’m stretching the limits with putting Jesus in my swim goggles, but I think this picture can help us as we look for Jesus.
As you look at this picture, you have to do a double take to think about what you’re seeing. After a moment to process, you figure out my cheesy attempt to put Jesus in some accessories that you would likely not expect. And that’s my point.
Sometimes, we can be too religious about our expectations of where we find Jesus, like in church, in a Bible study or while listening to some worship tunes. But my challenge for you today is to watch for Jesus in the more unconventional settings, maybe even while you work out today (if that’s part of today’s schedule). The truth is that when I swim, I pray, express gratitude to Jesus & review the Bible verses that I’m memorizing. This makes my workout more enjoyable! Here are a few more suggestions on looking for Jesus:

  • At the coffee shop & praying for the person who might look distraught
  • During traffic & looking for Jesus’ help not to be rude or tailgate
  • In conversations that seem to exceed your wisdom or patience – asking for a greater awareness of Jesus being present
  • In the lonely moments of a day, recognizing that Jesus never leaves or forsakes us.

Jesus is everywhere if we’ll be willing to look past the surface 🙂


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