Look Up!

I find that whatever I focus on is usually where I wind up or what I begin acquiring. I learned this lesson when I was growing up & playing basketball. If I didn’t keep my eye on the basket, it was 100% certain that I would not score. This lesson continues to be true in the various areas & responsibilities in my life: my kids, marriage, work life, volunteer world & more. With this thought, I always need to check my current results & they can help me to see what I’ve been focusing on. If I’m not keeping my eyes on Jesus, The Way, I can easily get lost & lose the plot. So my dear friends, lets encourage each other to keep Jesus at the center of our focus 🙂



thank u sarah for your encouraging words I place jesus at the centre of my life.please pray for me and my children pls. Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 16:53:55 +0000 To: elizabeth_joan@hotmail.com

Most excellant,and, you thought the Lord had you playing basketball just to “pass the time”, no pun intended haha… In all things Smile

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