long time no chat

Hola!  Sorry for the delay in postings – this was a REALLY full weekend & this is about the 1st time I’ve had to chill a little bit.  So the things that have happened – I finished the rough draft for my new book on listening to God, so I’m excited to get that baby rollin’, I preached the lust sermon – see the “whew” posting for details, I met some cool frineds from our ministry over the weekend & had some interesting relationship conversations.  This week has been REALLY busy & I’m glad to have a bit of a pause.

What I’m really glad for is some better God time.  I find myself  hungry to sense God, be alone with Him & be in His presence.  I also am feeling the need for some solitude to process some things & some time to pause and breath.  Feels like its been life in the fast lane & I’d like to pull over to the shoulder to breath deeply and fully.  Hopefully, you are also learning the importance of pacing yourself. 

Had any pho lately?  😉


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