life can swamp us sometimes

Lately, life has swamped me – too many events, expectations & demands & not enough Sarah for all of it.  Ever feel that way????  There’s a line in the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings that Bilbo says to Frodo – too much bread & not enough butter.  It’s during these seasons that I focus in on what is most important to me & I endeavor to make sure that my priorities don’t get neglected or overlooked – that what is essential in my life stays essential. 

With that being said, here’s a link to help you with your kids & some useful things for this back to school season:



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YES I feel that way at times.. We are in a season of our lives where “busy” is our norm for a while.. at the end of the day though we look back and are so thankful and blessed for all God is doing and where He is taking us. The busy times have caused me to really focus on my priorities (like you have said) and focus on raising up “Champion Children”! 🙂 Love you P. Sarah! Thank you for this!

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