Lets take a walk

I like to take walks no matter what the season is because they can help me relax & kind of think through some things. The destination for the walk isn’t as important to me as the experience of just walking & enjoying being outside. With that being said, it’s important in our thinking to be mindful of how we are thinking & the things on which we are focusing. If we focus on hardship & struggles, such things tend to get magnified. If we keep our thoughts & focus on Jesus, who is walking with us everyday, then the hardships stay small in light of our loving Savior 🙂



idell stelly

Hymn.. and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory & Grace.

Hmmm …most excellant perspective, maybe that is another reason God made “woofers” to get us out on those walks to put His Magnificence into perspective.

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