let’s be honest

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last week about how she felt like some Christians didn’t accept her because of some of her questions, doubts and frustrations.  She explained how that in the past she’d expressed some doubts or struggles in her faith in a small group and some of the members of the group were unkind, dismissive and disdainful.

Seems to me that if we are going to sincerely love each other, as Jesus instructs, that we need to walk the journey together more than criticize, critique or exclude.  Jesus knew that Peter would struggle in his faith, deny and abandon Jesus, but that didn’t detour Jesus from staying Peter’s friend.  In fact, Jesus closed the loop on any questions about His love for Peter in John 21 with His questions about Peter’s love for Him.

Jesus love us, full stop.  I pray that I wholly let Jesus love others well & authentically through me 🙂



El Señor es Rey!!!Padre!!Juez!!! el nos ama con un amor trascendente….nos hace esforzadas y valiente. Moldea como alfarero nuestras vasijas….El Señor me Señorea y con su amor sumado a nuestra fe….nos bendice y noss da su unción!!!:)

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I have to say church today … nothing nice to say. I miss the days when Christians acted in genuine love, regardless of difference, and helped one another. I miss when Pastors came to visit for the sole purpose of truly caring and checking in on his sheep. Today they say the churches are too big for that. Well, Jesus is the Great Shepherd. He knows each sheep and cares and loves for each one unconditionally. Wouldn’t it be great to return to that kinda church?

Kris, thanks lots for your feedback & thoughts. I’ve been thinking about this for some time & it seems to me that the best paradigm for looking at God’s blueprint for church is found in the early chapters of Acts, when the “church” was originally founded. In Acts 2-6, there are lots of interesting contrasts with the modern church. The way I see Acts 2-6 expressed in my life challenges me to be the church, letting the Holy Spirit work through us individually as followers of Jesus 🙂

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