let the small things stay small

We’ve all had the experience of driving along & someone flips us off or does something rude that was stupid.  We have a choice with these kinds of petty actions – we can let them stay small & fade into the past or we can get wound up about them & carry them into the present.  Small things need to stay small, be that rude comments, gestures, attacking words, etc.  Don’t magnify things that need to stay small.  Of course I’m not advocating being a door mat, but I think that we can easily get caught up & distracted on things that should stay small.

On the flip side, let’s be sure to magnify important things like genuine love, Jesus’ presence, grace and forgiveness.  Let’s stay focused on letting the Holy Spirit continue to work in our lives to make us big people! 🙂

Stay tuned here as well for updates about my upcoming Saving Moses trip to Angola next week!


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You did a great job on your message today with “Moses” -your passion was very evident and heartfelt. It was a Wow! Okay -In correlation to this blog maybe it was best said with this catchy little tune from 1944 best done with Bing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc5-bP-QGSI&feature=endscreen&NR=1 or with happy faces still applicable today. I can remember my grandmother giving a brief pantomime when I would show up with a “pouty face”. This came out at a time this generation now knows sooooooooo little about – talk about saving Moses vs. a similar apathy with the halocaust…oops back to the message. In our day to day happiness it definitely does help by accentuating the positve and eliminating the negative -maybe you and Reece (see original movie clip) could do a similar soft shoe routine to amplify your message for some service / I know I would attend) Smiles!

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