lessons from an eye exam

 I took my son to the eye dr today because he’s been a bit challenged with a few things.  When they checked his eyes, they were super thorough & examined his vision for both distance & close up.  This eye dr visit is a whole new thing for me because I’ve never had any issues with my eyes.  Nevertheless, it made me think about my focus as it pertains to faith.  Myopic vision is vision that can see pretty well up close, but not so well far away.  The opposite is true with far-sightedness.

I think that the same is sometimes true with our faith.  Sometimes, it seems like I can have strong faith for what could be an immediate & up close challenge, but struggle in my faith for what seems far away (like some concerns about the future or places where I may be traveling, etc).  Or maybe the opposite is more true for you – maybe you struggle with your faith in the immediate day-to-day challenges, but the stuff that’s more distant is much easier for your faith.  Whatever may be your challenge, we can trust that God is the best vision Dr & can help us to keep our eyes on Him for both the up close & immediate stuff, as well as the things that are farther away & distant.  So like it says in Hebrews 12 – let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author & perfecter of our faith 🙂


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