Lessons from Airport Meltdowns

I’ve had my share of airport meltdowns. I still feel sorry for the poor flight agent who got an earful from me about my luggage being small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Then there was the recent dude who wanted to weigh my carry on luggage – no need to give much animation to that exchange. And yesterday, I was hostile with the guy who made my salad because he gave me the wrong salad dressing. As much as I’d like to explain & justify my behavior, it is neither excusable not justified, full stop. 
So here are my lessons that you might find helpful sometime:

  • With the Holy Spirits help, there’s always more patience than pressure.
  • Check your attitude – it’s too expense nowadays to bring extra luggage
  • Keep grace & poise in good form: practice, practice, practice 
  • Watch the monitors: keep alert to your thoughts & anxieties, sometimes they can seep out
  • Get in the right line: bypass those cranky conversations & opt to bring peace & abundant forgiveness. 

Traveling these days affords me ample opportunities to walk the talk đŸ™‚

Get some Heavenly Help no matter where you are in your journey!



Awesome stuff!!! And, don’t forget to arrive early – it will give you more time to enjoy the view.

Thank you for sharing this! I often get in confrontations when I am traveling. I want everything to go smoothly and when it doesn’t I often lose my cool. We are in fact leaving for a trip tomorrow. This is a timely reminder for me to operate in the Grace I’ve been given. What a great opportunity for redemption!

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