lemons or lemonade

I’ve recently returned from a very quick trip to Belfast Ireland & have been navigating the normal jet lag & weird sleep hours that accompany international travel.  Consequently, I’ve been waking up at not such exciting hours in the night.  Today, I woke up at 2am (I think my finger is infected because it was throbbing) & I was none too happy about being so alert when I should be so sleeping – lemons 🙁

But here’s some lemonade:  yesterday, I woke up at 3am and very perky.  I decided to use the “extra” time to do some work on a book I’m writing about the Holy Spirit.  Needless to say, the house was quiet and I could nestle into listening to the Holy Spirit guide me about how and what to write.  As a result, what we wrote is very engaging, insightful and beautiful.

So here’s to making lemonade out of lemons in our daily living 🙂


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Hmmm get used to it kiddo – I find that is quite common when the Holy Spirit speaks but then I wake up to Marilyn & Sarah haha. Reflections on Daystar is nice but at 3:30 Joseph P screams out “God wants you to Reign” and I know it is time for some serious REM’s. Good luck

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