I’ve been thinking about leadership lately and while I know there are BOATLOADS of great resources, books, conferences, etc to help us with becoming better leaders, here are just a few brief, but helpful thoughts:

  • if you want a particular leadership position, act as a leader for that role before you ever get the title
  • leadership requires us to be continually growing and changing lest we become a stiffling lid
  • character is more substantial than any title
  • effective leadership requires constructive communicating: both listening & talking
  • the Jesus’ paradigm of leadership is service over superiority
  • if no one is following you, you’re merely taking a walk so enjoy the stroll ,)
  • fear is leadership poison
  • good leaders foster teamwork over competition
  • leaders look for ways to bring out the best in their team & to minimize the weaknesses
  • mistakes and failures for leaders aren’t permanent

Just a few quick thoughts on this happy Wed 🙂



Jo Ann Broadwater

Great points, Sarah! Will pass this one along for sure!

Lee Jackson

Never minimize a weakness. That is the area for the greatest possible growth.

Alice Jackson

AMEN!!!! It’s not about ego inflation,but the good feeling of accomplishment in achieving yours and your teams goals, whatever the cause. Blessings.

Thank you, Sarah.

Lorraine Dale

Those were great Sarah! Thank you.

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