Late or Early?

Each of us have different perspectives about “on time.”  For some folk, “on time” means 10minutes before the appointment / event.  Other people, “on time” is anything +/- 10minutes of the appointment.  And this can make a rub between folk who have these different perspectives, as well as how we perceive God’s involvement with time. 

Consider that not only are God’s ways higher than our ways & also God’s timing is far superior to our timing. And with this thinking, God is neither late nor early, but always in divine time, giving what we need, when we need it. God’s timing is always perfect!


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Devanee Chapman

Hey Sarah! I love this post. I needed the reminder that “God’s timing is perfect!” I am signed up to go on the Cambodia trip with yall this summer, but it’s looking like the timing may not be right this year. I’m totally bummed! I’m trying to wrap my mind around saying NO even though I don’t want to say
NO. 🙁 But I know I’ve gotta trust God and His timing!

Do you or will you do a trip to Dhaka at any point this year??? Random story I’d love to share with you about how God laid Dhaka and Saving Moses on my heart. The mission behind Saving Moses amazes me and I’ve been letting all my friends and family know about it.

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