I have no craft sense, whatsoever, anywhere in me.  I can’t cross-stitch, crochet, color, knit, draw, paint, sculpt, tie dye, . . . . . .  and I can barely sew on a button & do a hem.  I’m not crafty & visiting Hobby Lobby makes me twitch with nervous ticks.

Despite all these deficiencies, I am nonetheless, a result of Divine knitting and weaving as it says in Ps 139:13.  This is important for each of us to ingest for lots of reasons:

  • when we try to look / act like someone else, this is inherently destructive to the unique & divine design given to each one of us
  • your knitting / weaving together that God has done with you is perhaps one of God’s greatest expressions of love to you – you’re not a clone nor automaton
  • don’t unravel or unweave the beauty of who you are by running yourself down – remember that the enemy of your soul is also called the accuser of the brethren, so be mindful of who you agree with about your life 🙂
  • your divine DNA is organized for unique purposes, expressions, celebrations and successes

Whether you’re the knitting type or not, you are wonderfully, fearfully & lovingly made in the image of your Creator 🙂


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