Keep Practicing


This picture is at the top of a black ski run. I didn’t take a picture of the din because it was a steep drop 🙂
I’ve been snowboarding with my this week as they’ve been on Spring Break & I decided to try a black run (translation: advanced as opposed to beginner or intermediate). The first time I tried it, I conquered! The second time, I was conquered ,)

So I’ll keep practicing. Practice is a good thing – it’s the space where we can mistakes, learn, grow & improve without feeling shame or embarrassment, usually. 

There are heaps of things in which I want to do better & honestly, I sometimes get discouraged with myself for not improving more quickly. So I remind myself, “Keep practicing, you’re getting better & better!”

You too! Keep practicing 🙂


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Practicar ser cada día más alfareros por el Señor, ponerme a tus pies, que tú vayas delante mio Señor, alinear contigo es una ministración edificante para mí!!!Señor te necesito, tú amor me hace fuerte…Amén!!!

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