Keep Playing!

I’m picking up a new sport called pickle ball. Weird name but heaps of fun!!  My friend introduced it to me a few months ago & I’m hooked. Unfortunately, I wish I would improve more quickly.

This morning, I played for a few hours & one gentleman was really encouraging.  He didn’t accentuate my mistakes & he applauded my good shots & efforts.  After we finished playing, I asked him for some suggestions on ways I could improve. He was really gracious & said, “Sarah, just keep playing!”

I think lots of life is like this – we get better the more we do it & the more we’re present & engage. Most certainly we go through discouraging & difficult seasons & experiences. But let’s stay in the game, take some pauses to catch our breath & keep playing.  The more I do life, I improve my chances at doing it well. The less I engage, my chances at doing well in life go down. Let’s remember that practice is for earth & perfect is for heaven 🙂


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