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Lately, I’ve had some interesting things happen in my life and if I’m super honest, I can’t say that these things are really great or encouraging.  In fact, it seems that there’s been a rather steady flow of seemingly negative things and this can of course be discouraging / disheartening.  But my purpose for writing this is to encourage you that if you’re in a rough season like me, we have to encourage ourselves to keep looking up and to keep our eyes on Jesus.  I find that when I let my focus dwell on the hardship, discouragement and challenges that I can get overwhelmed, but when I keep my eyes on Jesus I find strength for my heart and hope for my future along with encouragement for the great things that God is doing with Saving Moses.  So let’s encourage each other to keep looking up – to keep our focus on Jesus.  Like my fb post says this morning:  let’s expose our soul to faith & love but let’s guard our souls from fear & doubt 🙂



Sarah, thank you for being amazingly so real with us. It encourages me to keep real even in the face of adversity and extreme opposition! Together we can, this is unity 😉

Ahhhh I just had this conversation with a homeless family that I brought in – a true challenge plus their dog errrrrrrrr. Anyway I understood his (my house guest) positive scriptural stances, “if it be….lalala” So as the weeks have now rolled on it’s amazing the dynamics that 2 newly asquired teenagers can bring to your life. Anyway, the point of the matter was to tweek the upward look to a forard pose, unless commissioned to stand still. The upward stance was directly related to recognizing God first, family second, and then job, etc. – God will povide, but you have to also keep moving forward i.e. Red Sea. Just my take on it.


It’s crazy but I am seeing this all the way around. A certain ministry called International House of Prayer said that in the last days many ppl would go through a “Joseph’s prison” like time, before he would pour out his Spirit with a great anointing. Everyone I know seems to be having the most difficult time of their lives and they’re noticing it too. It’s interesting because I can feel it in my heart. I don’t know when the end is but I can tell that he is afflicting us now so that we will lean on him and depend on him with all that we are. And interestingly so many evangelists have been saying the same thing this month. I know God works in “times and seasons” maybe this is the hard times for all of us?

Interesting things to think about,



Are you old enough to remember the movie, “Parenthood”? I think Mary Steenburgen was right – life is a roller coaster and you need to choose to enjoy the ride. That means, have fun with the “up” things and stay encouraged through the “down” things. It’s hard, but you are right – staying focused on Jesus can get you through. Hang in there.

Lorraine Dale

Thankyou Sarah.

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