Keep It Spicy

Jesus keeps life spicy 🙂
I find that when I put my trust in Jesus more than myself, life gets very adventurous & I love me lots of adventure & spice! Here are some things to consider for spicy & adventurous living:
*being in control can often sabotage many exciting adventures
*in Jesus, sweet & spice blend to be very nice
*spicy food, in contrast to bland food, can often grab our attention & cause us to more present in any given moment – Jesus isn’t bland
*keep your relationship with Jesus full of love, zest & spice 🙂
*on this Valentines weekend, take a moment to consider how you can spice up your love for Jesus – maybe even go to church this weekend! ,)



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You are a hoot!! Blessings to y’all.. Jesus is never gray. Smile

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