Karma versus Grace

I had a pretty cool prayer time this morn & really felt God talking with me about the Karma thing.  Karma is just the priniciple of sowing & reaping for those prefering the Christian vocabulary.  Whatever vocabulary you prefer, our universe is generally organized on the idea of cause & effect – you do something good & good things happen back to you.  You do bad things & bad things come back to you.  Truthfully, it is my opinion that all world religions, except Christianity, are organized on this principle.  This is the idea that you just have to be a good muslim or a good hindu or a good buddhist because these religions are just different paths going to the same destination.  This concept that all religions lead to the same destination is the hopeful goal to which pan-religious folk cling in hopes that it all comes out the same in the end.  This is an uncertainty that I’m not comfortable risking.  Furthermore, it leaves me cold when I ask myself the question, “what is good enough?” 

Enter Grace.  Grace interrupts karma.  Grace doesn’t give us what we deserve or earn, but something better.  Grace comes through the cross Jesus died on & buys for us a far better present & eternity than we could ever earn with our sincere but deficient human efforts.  Give me the cross anytime if I have to choose between karma & grace.  Its not only the intelligent choice, but the one that offers the most life.  I choose grace.








I thought this was so powerful in church today! And brought a great response to the altar…thanks for listening to God’s leading.

Jolene Picone

Awesome P.Sarah! I will read your blog religiously…no pun intended. ha! Love your guts and your book is awwwwwwesome, definately requires a second read!!!

If anyone has not picked up “How to Keep Your Faith in an Upside Down World,” you likely should get it ASAP, it is life transforming and REVOLUTIONARY!!!

I choose grace also. The principle of sowing and reaping is good. But it’s certainly not universally true. Bad things happen to good people (only I have this theory that they are only truly bad if you choose to allow them to be– but that’s a long discussion). And the bad go merrily pillaging through this life and often have what appears to be “success”.

I choose grace.


enjoyed your sermon on this yesterday, kudos!


thx, josh. i think youre quite an amazing person! 🙂


aww, thank you Pastor Sarah! I feel likewise.

the message is simple and yet needs to be heard over and over again. there is NOTHING the cross can’t overcome. i would rather strive to live a good life under God’s grace than hope my goodness comes back to me. you’re right, i’d constantly be under the torment of “what is good enough”? Lord knows, I torment myself enough. 🙂
btw, i am really excited for wednesday!

i too loved that you brought this up on sunday. i’ve been pondering this off and on for the last year as i had a conversation about it with a stranger on the street. i came to realize that karma offers no absolute, no higher being (but yourself) to determine exactly what is good or what is bad. i have to know that i know that my bad (aka sin) is atoned for! thank God for grace, His sacrifice, His absolutes, and His commandments to love Him and others.

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