Just when you thought it was safe to be cynical

I read this post from a real, live experience Beth Moore had . She’s a fantastic Bible teacher & had a pretty cool thing happen over a recent weekend.  Click the link for a delightful experience:

 beth moore



I Love Beth Moore!I’ve done a number of her studies and am starting her “Living Beyond Yourself” this next week to kick off 2009.

Meant to add: loved the article. The real church is all around us alive and well, just look in the mirror. We have to stand against those “voices” that say otherwise. 2009 is destined to show His Glory anew!

that blog post was very timely for me. i was just talking to paul last night about the cynicism i’ve been feeling. i usually don’t read blog posts that long but felt a pulling on my heart to do so. the Lord is answering my prayer from just last night. He ceases to amaze me and i love it when i hear His voice so clearly. thanks for the link. love you!

thx, T! loving back atcha!! 😉

Question: Is it, or isn’t it, safe to be cynical? If I am cynical I want to know what, why, when and where; if I am not, then I don’t. One way seems safe, the other seems risky. I wonder which brings me closer to God?

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