Just When You Think it’s Safe

We live in a highly sophisticated world where I can do the milk delivery order from my phone in remote Angola & where we can monitor brain waves with highly technical equipment & medical discoveries & developments that are thoroughly revolutionary. And yet life is still very frail & can hang by a breathless thread. The first baby when I got out of the car in Angola a few days ago was dead & being carried away to be prepared for burial. The last baby I saw before leaving Angola was gasping for shallow breaths & gazed with a fixed glaze, looking death in the eye. In the middle few days, we’ve had massive joys, experiences & beautiful connections. 

One lesson I bring home from this trip is that I am most alive when I love well. Please be praying for Josiana, her picture below  She’s 1year & 2 months & she’s the last baby I saw before leaving



You are a Godsend


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