I frequently have the challenge of jumping into things without being fully aware of some of the costs, needs, etc. Sometimes this messes me up but more often than not, this strategy forces me to look to & trust in God more than myself because I often get in over my head. If the result of this method is that I increase my trust & dependence on God, then I’m not convinced that this is a bad method. Now don’t misunderstand me to say that we don’t need wisdom – I’m NOT saying that. But I am saying what Prov 3:5-6 says, that we should trust in God more than our own understanding 🙂



I find myself doing this a lot. I home school my 3 girls my oldest 17 has been in college for 2 years now and works at a science museum here and my middle child volunteers there as well as at a nursing home and they all take different music classes as well as special art classes and more! I find even when I try to stay away from more commitments people call and need me to do something and I have a hard time saying no. I feel like people think since I am at home with the kids I have so much more time than them so I feel guilty not helping. I then find myself very over tired, over worried and just have to keep pushing. I need to remember to lean on God and trust him more.

Ok but where is the rest of the snowboarding saga?? Or is that it. Smile


Sarah! I had a similar experience this year, but mine was I actually went ahead of the Lord with my goals for the new yearI wrote a blog post about it! But what I wanted to ask you Sarah, have you ever taught or written on the term you use, “your sweet spot!”

me too.. the Lord has slowwwwwed me down over the years and i thank Him for His long suffering patient love 🙂

Please don’t stop using the colloquialisms, especially the kid and sports ones that make your perceptions so real for most of us.

Do you also find, when it comes to ministry ideas that there is great wisdom in chatting with trusted ‘counselors’ friends?

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