Job’s Friends

I started reading the book of Job a few days ago & I always find it interesting to read how his friends reacted to Job’s sufferings. At first, they sat silent with him for a week, feeling the magnitude of his pain & struggle. After this time of quiet support, it seems to me that they became less helpful. They frequently seemed to think that all of Job’s suffering was his fault & that he’d done something wrong. So here are some things from Job’s friends that I want to learn. I want to be a friend who:

  • can be quietly supportive
  • helps others see, experience & enjoy God
  • uses words that build up faith & dismantle doubt & fear
  • stays the course & doesn’t merely show up when things are smoothy groovy 🙂

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Cristina Parodi

Sarah anymore !!! appropriate intercession the book of Job and friends, how many times we need our friends hear us Ynos comforted with a hug and speechless … for that we have to Papy ‘s always ready to give a hug and comfort exit to the labyrinths of mundo.Amada friend do me much good !!! you are zero farisea blessings ….

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