Jesus, take the wheel

For some of us, being in control is kind of important. HA!!!! Who are we kidding?!?!!! Seriously?!?? Many of us have control issues & if you’re exempt from this challenge, then there’s a good chance that you know a few “control” impaired people. Here are some indications that you might have a little bit of a struggle with the control topic:
*if you’re not in charge, you don’t participate
*your idea of teamwork is when everyone does what you tell them to do
*obsessive is only a frame of mind & not a possible reality (this is called denial)
*meticulous is your best friend
*you struggle when someone doesn’t get it “right”
*sometimes “excellence” is a euphemism for control, sometimes

Let’s let Jesus take the wheel & be in charge. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, even though it may feel uncomfortable. There’s nothing wrong with imperfection – it’s called practice. And there’s nothing wrong with letting Jesus be Lord of our daily living 🙂
Jesus take the wheel!




Dear Sarah,
I work in another town and returned home, surprisingly a vehicle lost direction and came straight towards me. For one split second I thought motorcade hit from the front, but I felt at the time that nothing would hurt me, because I seek Jesus in my life. And, behold, I open my email and find your message. Synchronicity? I thanked God for the very protection that moment and he sent me a reply via your blog. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Love, Cristine.
PS: I’m using a translator, so forgive the mistakes in English.

Yep pride comes In there somewhere Aaaccckkkk. Good point. Gotta practice before the Lord sends you in for the game – whatever that might be 🙂

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