Jesus’ miracles

I read this morning about how Jesus multiplied the fish & loaves for several thousand people & how they were in total awe of Jesus’ power.  The very next day, the crowd tracked Jesus down & had an interesting discussion with Him about the multiplied fish & bread miracle.  After reading about this (John 6), it seems to me that the crowd was coming after Jesus to keep doing the free food thing – who wouldn’t want free food?!?

But here’s the real challenge for those of us who follow Jesus:  let’s stay connected to Jesus not merely for what He does, but moreso for WHO He is, keeping our intimacy with Jesus healthy, vibrant & transformational 🙂



Hmmmm Great Thought – but putting the thought back to a familial basis – can you really seperate the two agendas. Of course as kids – they NEED the provisions – no choice. And when you consider AGAPE love, then does it really matter because you give, and give, and give, and give – no matter what. In fact Christ showed the ultimate agape love gift of His Life for us. However, to me it is “what can I show in return” – Phileo is fish sandwich for fish sandwich, but I believe a simple praise and heartfelt thank you from one of my kids melts the butter… if you know what I mean.
Next test question boss – Smile

I like that. Jesus’ healthy situation was in part for anatomical health, but we should not forget he is the key to our spiritual health first and foremost. He is all pleasing. Blessings.

If they had only known that He freely gives us food for our souls every day !

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