Jesus & Maintenance 

There are lots of things that need regular maintenance: changing oil in the car, laundry, tooth brushing, cleaning the kitchen etc. I also think there’s good value in thinking of our spiritual life with a mindset of regular maintenance. What I love about keeping our spiritual life well oiled is that the dividends always exceed the investment. Whatever time, energy & presence I give to God is always returned to me with supernatural generosity. 

  • God’s presence is always more satisfying than the presence I give to God – praying is super essential!
  • Spending time in the Bible is beneficial in our hearts & souls, helping our thoughts , emotions & decisions
  • Experiencing God in community pays huge rewards, helping us to sense God in fresh & challenging ways

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Pasar tiempo con nuestro Padre, y en su Presencia recibir su misericordia o zarandeo suman para que los Frutos del Espíritu moldeen nuestro carácter cada mes mas a su imagen y semejaza

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