Jesus, joy & gentle

In Philippians 4:4-5, Paul tells us 2x to rejoice in the Lord (its an imperative – command).  Paul tells us to rejoice without exceptions, buts or excuses.  Now for us ladies, that can be a tall order, depending on the hormonal levels on any given day. Hmmmmmm.  But Paul doesn’t give us, either men or women, any wiggle room.  We’re supposed to rejoice, end of the story, full stop.

Next he commands us to let our gentleness be evident to everyone.  The word Paul uses in the greek doesn’t so much imply a character trait of gentleness but rather the way in which we treat others – not being harsh, mean, demanding, etc.  Now you probably can do this easily, but i wasnt’ exactly “gentle” when the guy at the airport charged me almost triple for some espresso shots – grrrrrrrrrrr.

So, how on earth, given the humanity that tires us, are we supposed to rejoice always & let everyone see our gentleness????  I think Paul gives us the answer in the very next phrase – Jesus is near.  Can I just say that whenever i get to talk w someone about Jesus (whether they’re a Jesus fan or not), i just get really amped up.  Furthermore, it makes me “rejoice” when i think that Jesus is near me & He actually likes to be near me.  i don’t even like being w me that much, but He does & that causes me to rejoice.  Furthermore, when i think that Jesus is near me as i interact w others, i find myself wanting to tone down some volatility & i also find myself giving more grace, being keenly aware of the ongoing grace tsunami in which i live & breath.  So, dear friend, Jesus is near – be joyful & gentle.



Enjoyed your nugget this morning on chapel on Phil 2:4-5! Sure wish there could have been time for verses 6 and 7, as they are really a comfort, but maybe next time :).

As you spoke about “Jesus is near,” I thought that in addition to the knowledge that He is always near is an automatic upper, when I get into situations when I need to be gentle (though tempted not to be) I can just ask Him (on the inside) how to handle that situation and He is an instant source of help in that way also (if my listeners are turned up, of course).

Here is a testimony for you for your “Rejoice, Jesus is near” message today. I definitely needed a lift this morning for a host of reasons. For those verses to be the verses of focus for today was perfect for my immediate need for something personal from God today. Then, when I came back to my office, I had a one sentence e-mail from a friend out of state who said “Hey, friend, I want you to know you are thought about today – I am praying for you and trusting that you sense the very presence of God is with you today.” So I had my own personal “Jesus is near” evidence several times over, so guess what I did – Rejoiced!

Right on Sarah! You are so down to earth and wonderful. You think and talk so much like me. It’s really nice to hear that someone I look up to struggles with the same things I do.

I also often struggle with the concept of walking in love when so many people are so unlovely. Jesus is near just reminds me how real and how present He is in my life. Thanks so much.


PS Keep being so cool and sincere. I too am a mommy of three and love to hear the kid stuff.

thx Stacey! i love it when Jesus is “skin” in our daily living 😉
enjoy being a mom!! i facebook too, if you wanna check that out!

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