Jesus Chix

I am both nervous & excited for this weekend because I get to hang out on a retreat with some really cool chix from our church.  Of course our retreat will be lots of fun, with plenty of laughing, great friends, insightful conversations, delicious food, little if any sleep & most importantly, lots of Jesus!  We’ve been praying, planning & working for this retreat for no less than 4-6 months so I have a keen anticipation of what God is going to do.

And here’s the honest truth of what I’m most excited about – we get to talk in depth about the women who interacted with Jesus, learning from them & growing deeper in our relationship with Him.  I’m excited for the Holy Spirit to reveal to each of us some new areas of intimacy to explore with God because Jesus is nothing less than wholly irresistible!



So sorry I have to miss it. I hope you have more, I really wanted to attend. Have a fun, wonderful and above all blessed retreat. 😉

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