is there a design flaw?

 Recently in the mail, we received some weird piece of plastic & some directions about how to fix some design error on a lawn chair that we bought a few months ago.  When we buy new things, we expect them to basically be perfect & function properly.  If this doesn’t happen, we get upset.

I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of design flaws & what this looks like in humanity.  It seems to me that every person on the planet has some kind of flaw or shortcoming – too tall, too short, too poor, too rich, too selfish, too mean, too weak, etc.  We often spend some part of our lives trying to fix or remediate these flaws or weakspots.  It’s been my experience that any efforts I’ve expended on these flaws / weakspots that have not included God have not only been a waste of time, but often turn out to be harmful.  This has led me to think about how God has designed us – perhaps we have these shortcomings due not only to sin, but also because God has designed us to need our Creator – to be the fundamental relationship & source in our lives.  Just something to consider 🙂



Not only to need our Creator, but to become “over-comers” If we can face our own design flaws then when greater challenges come along we have a basis to know we can get through the situation. When I was learing to swim then I had to swim 2 lenghts of the pool, or to the buoys and back before they would let me swim to the raft in the middle of the lake. It was at first a challenge but then when I was starting to get tired I could rely on the fact that it was just the same as to the buoys and back. Snap! On to the Olympics hahaha 🙂

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