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Does it feel like we’re settling into Fall?  Fall has fresh routines for me & I like it – as long as I cultivate constructive routines.  I probably should drop the swiss cheese & triscuit habit, even though it feels like I’ve gotten back into a bit of a better workout routine.  I also probably ought to stay away from the new donut shop I found on Arapahoe Road, even though they have the best plain glazed. 

As for constructive routines, I need to keep the morning habit w God in full swing.  I’m also working on integrating the Lord’s Prayer into my thinking during the day’s activities – not the rote method, but at a deeper level in honoring His name, welcoming His Kingship, binding my will to His & then doing the sarah requests for daily needs, forgiveness, temptation avoidance & protection.  Another routine I’m working on is studying in the daytime – Greek, Bible work, message prep, etc.  Also, I’m working on making meals on the weekends that can carry us through the week – that’s a great routine & saves money!  Something I haven’t worked out well is an evening routine – need help there. 

What are routines that you have found to be helpful?  Suggestions are always welcome!!



my favorite new routine is scheduling time for “the challenge” – the youth challenge to read through the bible in 90 days. it takes me about 45 min. per day to read what I’m supposed to and it’s quickly becoming my favorite part of my daily routine.
I also have to get coffee in the morning and check blogs – can’t go without that routine.

My routine is to wake up around 5am have my time with the Lord, then I usually go and put the coffee on (MANDATORY). Check my emails and blogs, take my dogs out and than start getting ready for work.

I have found out over the years that if I do not have my time with Jesus first thing when I wake up, I usually won’t get that time in and than the whole rest of my day is off kilter and my flesh always takes over.

A routine that I find helpful is a walk every evening after dinner. It is good to process the day, have some special time with Dustin and even get some exercise. I love this picture of you and Bell, btw. It is so cute. 🙂

So here you are! I don’t know that I have any pithy nuggets regarding routines, but I do agree with the whole cooking over the weekend to have meals ready for the week thing. Sometimes I make 2x the batch and freeze the other half for somewhere down the line for unexpected guests and things like that. Nothing beats eating fresh though. It just takes extra time, but I love using the wok 🙂 Can’t wait to see you soon!

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