in over my head

I was texting with a friend recently & they were talking about some frustrations on their job & how they don’t feel adequate to the challenge – in over their head.  Me too.  Depending on when you ask me, I can often feel that I can’t do everything that I’ve been given, that I’m not wise or smart enough and / or that I’m ill-equipped.  What’s great about all of these challenges is that they force me to look to & trust in Jesus – and at the end of the day, it’s a better place for us to be to have to trust in God rather than to rely on ourselves.

So if you’re in over your head, keep your eyes & confidence on Jesus because He’s more capable than your best efforts to bring you through very well 🙂



The hardest step is the first step – just plunge ahead and depend on Jesus every step of the way, but….the toughest part is to not to try but just do it! The only thing you have to fear is…. fear itself (nothing new there). C’mon S just get out there- you know your other bases are destiny covered. Smile

thank you for your very wise posts!

Penney Hawkey Douglas

I needed this right now. Thank you.

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