I’m sorry

“I messed up & I’m sorry.” It used to be really difficult for me to say these words. They would stick in my throat & it felt like I was choking when I tried to say them. I probably struggled saying them because I was embarrassed, sometimes it was pride & often I was insecure. I’m probably still insecure, prideful & embarrassed from time to time but I can say, “I’m sorry” lots easier than I did in the past. 
And here’s the new adventure: saying “I’m sorry” is an important step in the process of change. Indeed, saying these words can be empty & insincere if I’m not willing to change & grow. So now, I celebrate the achievement of being able to say “I’m sorry” with ease while undertaking the challenge of matching my actions to my words – grace to grow & change 🙂


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Decir lo siento!!!esta bueno pero si conlleva realmente sentir que ofendi o lastime a alguien,.El Señor nos perdona…y nos da oportunidades cada dia!!!!amen…Buen fin de semana

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