I’m hungry

The guy at Starbucks just did a good job encouraging me to buy some food to go w my coffee, telling me that the latest research proves that we need to eat 5 small meals a day for optimum health – of course my mind immediately goes to Angola with saving Moses and the hunger that I often see there.
But I think that all of us are fundamentally hungry for God. I think if we strip away all of our achievements, relationships, wealth, looks, etc, when we are just ourselves, we are designed to crave our Creator. Yes, I’m hungry but I understand that the hunger of my heart isn’t to look better, to increase my popularity, nor expand my wealth of achievements. At ground zero, we are all hungry for God & His presence in our lives. Recognizing this hunger will increase our potential to live a very fulfilling life 🙂



Hi, Mrs Bowling. Am 18 n i had d opportunity 2 read thru ur messages in the make your day count devo 4 teens, n i love them. When i watch u on tv,u speak 4rm d heart n wth hunger 4 God. I really do need 2 grow in Him,pls help me,how do i become stronger in Christ n maintain it.i find myself doin things am not supposed to;bein disrespectful 2 my parents n i think my attitude needs a do-over. Pls help. Also,what’s saving Moses about. I hope u get this,thanks a lot. Osarieme

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