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So friends, I posted on Facebook this morning about gossip being bad & I think we’d all readily agree that it’s not healthy. 

Here’s what I’d like to know from your opinion:  
What are some suggestions you’d offer to help me with a person who is gossiping & I want it to stop. Ready, go!!!


Ahhh welcome to spiritual puberty. So satan found a button of yours to push. Let him push it- just don’t answer the door. What did Jesus do in front of Pilot? Ignore it and go on – if there is something you need to correct – correct it and go on, and give thanks you can pass that test and won’t have to go around the mountain again. Selah

For Gossiping I go to the Lord first because He was there when the falsehood was conceived. I as him for Peace concerning this thing and to give me the wisdom and strength to confront the source so the truth can prevail. If I’m making sense. Trying to keep it short, sorry☺️

Joel Phillips

If a gossipy person is teachable, tell them to stop and why. They may not even know they are doing it, much less the damage it causes.

If the gossipy person is unteachable, quit giving them your ear. And let them know you’re going to verify what they’ve said about that person(s) with that person(s). This may not stop them gossiping with others, but it will for sure stop them when they’re around you.

Hmmmm. I guess you could confront the person, but in my experience….people are going to gossip no matter what you do or say. Some people are just that way. Pray for them….ask God for the truth to be revealed and go on your way.

Another option is that is the gossip is true, confirm it. Like for instance. “Yes, I am getting a divorce” or “Yes, I am gay” or “Yes, I am going into rehab and I would appreciate your support instead of gossip.” Once you say it, you’ll be surprised how quickly people stop talking about it once it’s out there.

I am no expert, therapist or the like. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

I have had to deal with this issue in my jobs and family numerous times. I use the power of intercessory prayer and stand in the gap on behalf of the person gossiping about me or someone else and the people they are talking to; in prayer I stand in the gap on their behalves praying the word, the name of Jesus and binding Satan asking God to bring out the truth as He is a witness of everything! I ask Him to expose the lies and gossip. I ask Him to show who me or the one being gossiped about really is and is really doing. I really depend on the word of God in these prayers along with God’s witness and His bringing out truth and shouting it from the rooftops. God has been faithful to me in these prayers 100% and I am no longer afraid of gossipers! One has to be patient though because although He sometimes works quickly, I sometimes have to stand in intercessory prayer and the word of God for a while before I have victory but the Lord always, always is faithful!!!!

Amy Dorrough

Ok so this happened to me quite a few years ago. I so wanted to go and confront them and express how much their words had hurt me. So I went to The Lord to ask him what to say and he told me not to do anything. That He was my defender and to look at Jesus’ example when he was before Pilate in John 19 and Herod in Luke 23. To walk with dignity in the place I was being trashed and gossiped about. My true friends who knew me and my heart did not believe the lies that were being thrown around about me.

Of course this was my experience God may be asking you to do something completely different.

Marcia Santos

Several years ago, somebody was gossiping about me, and I didn’t want to confront the person about it, so I went to the Lord with all my heart and talk about it asking
The Lord to convince the person of its wrongdoing, and I kept praying.Not
Too long after that,that person came to me and ask for forgiveness. Conviction, confession and repentance took place, all done by the Holy Spirit.

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