I want to be close

I like to be around my kids in all kinds of ways. I like to cuddle in bed with them when they’re waking up. I like to cook w them in the kitchen. I like to watch them play sports & perform. I like sitting & reading or watching basketball w them. I just like being around my kids & think that this is even more true in how God likes to be around us.
Maybe a reason that God is omni-present is because He likes to be around us so much 🙂
So here’s an interesting challenge: to flip the truth that God is always w us, let’s endeavor to be w God throughout each day – not just on Sundays or at church, but in the entirety of each day & in every place that we go. Just to be close to God.



Just don’t get why He would want to be around me

Lory Vuletich

Thank yoy for this reminder,Sarah.

Since my kids are all raised and my gkids are all teen-agers – I find giving them space, but you’re right there was a time. Maybe that is how it is w/God. As we grow, then he gives us some space because we sometimes act like goofy teenagers, thus the ….”wait on the Lord perspective, or Lord… are you there??…it’s meeee, remember” But I love the analogy. How about your thoughts on woofers… they are so forgiving. Smile

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