Today has been quite incredible & Angola never ceases to amaze me. It is a country of immense potential not only in natural resources, but moreso with the incredible citizens of this beautiful nation. Today, we visited a malnutrition clinic & met more moms whose courage is nothing less than breathtaking. We were able to follow up with Belito, my little buddy who I met on my 1st visit to Angola. Two years ago, Belito was in a really bad state. His mom, Marcella, had brought him to the clinic with severe malnutrition. We helped her bring Belito home with some formula, food & feeding instructions. Last year, we were able to touch base with Belito again & saw that he was healthy & doing well. Today, I popped in again to say hello & check in with Marcella. We had a really nice visit & I even got to hold Belito who snuggled into me 🙂
After our chat with Marcella, we began to explore the idea of giving literacy lessons at the malnutrition clinic (the higher the level the education for the mom, the more that the infant mortality rate declines). So this is an EXTREMELY exciting possibility that we’re exploring & I’ll of course I’ll happily keep you posted on our progress.
If you haven’t already done this, please consider going to www.savingmoses.org to make a donation to help us buy malnutrition formula for these babies. Without this kind of special therapeutic milk, the chances for these babies to survive rapidly deteriorate. Let’s help to give them a fighting chance to survive & possibly be the next “Moses” for Angola!! Thanks HEAPS for your consideration 🙂




May Heaven continue to help them and God bless You for all your efforts in our stead, and how amazingly fortunate are we are all in this land – thank you Sarah and team.

Alice Jackson

I am awe struck. You never cease to amaze me! There is no limit to your giving and that is truly from the heart. I hope you will have footage to share with your ORCC family when you return. Your visit to Redeemers last year was amazing, and the footage you shared was so touching. Everyday that I look at my Saving Moses calendar I thank God for your heart and you being in our lives Sarah. You are a woman without limits or boundaries in love and doing God’s work. Blessings. PS, kiss the little ones and hug the moms for me. Thanks

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