I get by with a little help from my friends ,)

In yonder years gone by, the Beatles sang this song & when I read the lyrics, I think it had something to do with getting high.  I still like the idea, however, of getting & giving help to others.  What’s made me think about this today is watching a guy sit & do nothing to help a crippled lady who was totally struggling to open a door.  I looked into his eyes after she finally got the door open & he was completely indifferent.  To this apathy, I found myself becoming outraged!!

Then I started thinking about this lady’s observable disability – I was extremely motivated to help her when I saw her need.  But I felt the Holy Spirit ask me if I was equally as motivated to help those who do not have an observable disability.  Just because someone looks put together & functional on the outside doesn’t mean that they’re not falling apart or disabled on the inside.  I can’t count the number of times that the Holy Spirit has helped me through various people when I’ve been falling apart on the inside & trying to look put together on the outside.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to freely express His help and character through us as we help others regardless of how they look on the outside.



Ok, CORNUCOPIA – You know what I appreciate about your budding ministry, cornucopia defined as “inexhaustable gifts of celebratory fruits” (I know right now you’re wondering where is he going with this one – Smile). When I picture the proverbial horn of plenty I see all of the fruits and vegetables packed in and around the hollow wicker horn, but the most prominent display is the luscious, large grapes just waiting to be picked and plopped right into one’s mouth. They are irresistable, beautiful and juicy plump, but there is only one problem – they are not seedless, and in they go anyway. Moral of the story is “you have to learn to eat the grapes and spit out the seeds!” Some would go “uuummmm she used a worldly tune to make a point”, but that is the point. Jesus loved them all. Continue to keep it real Sarah, that is your strong point your compassion for little babies as well as the prostitutes who you/your programs can show the love of Jesus. I admire your young ministry because you are brave and strong and secure enough to admit your faults and not hide behind the pulpit. You go girl, catch you on the next youtube 🙂

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