I Cant Help Myself

I Cant Help Myself

I was recently asked to talk about my adventures in Hinduism. You see when I was in my early 20s, I wrestled with what faith would mean in my own heart.  It was a rough season in my life & I’m glad to have peace in my heart with the decisions that I made. When I was recalling my Hindu explorations, I started to think about why Jesus is distinctive to me.

As I thought about this, I began to remember that wherever Jesus went, He brought change:  deaf ears heard, leprosy disappeared, blind eyes could see, dead people were raised to life, religious folk were offended, people were changed in how they treated others & some of His followers were transformed into world changers. Very few people, if any, were NOT changed when they came into Jesus’ presence.

And this is why I can’t help myself – I find myself continually drawn to Him, watching for Him, challenged to trust in Him, listening & watching Him live throughout the daily routines . . . .  The more I’m around Jesus, the more clearly  I see. The more I listen for Jesus, the better I hear what’s happening around me. The more I open my heart to Jesus, the greater truth & freedom I experience in my life. When I turn to Jesus, I find calm in chaos & stillness in the storm. I can’t help myself – I’m madly in love with my Savior



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