I can get jittery

I was thinking about the time when Peter walked on the water & Jesus rescued him from drowning. That must have been a totally amazing trek. Can you imagine how Peter felt when he was getting ready to step out of the boat? Excited, nervous, scared, jittery, lots of adrenaline, . . . . . Peter did something impossible, illogical, stressful, successful & epic when he walked on the water. Even though Peter did something amazing, I think that perhaps there may have been some stress & jitters running around in his mind – some quick conversations about doing something impossible & then he just did it.
Lets be careful not to talk ourselves out of Gods miracles just because there’s some stress & jitters that go along with these impossibilities 🙂



Nope – don’t think so… I believe Peter was initially a reactionary and just did, then thought about as proven it and then help me Lord!! by the lake incident, soldiers ear, and do you love me, Peter do you love me ( now let’s think about it.) Do you love me… Smiles

Lorraine Dale

I agree, getting out of our comfort zone once in a while helps us grow spiritually.

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