how to practice trusting God

Practice is an interesting word:  it’s what we do to learn a new skill, it’s how we develop success, it’s how we make mistakes without quitting and practice has lots more benefits!  But sometimes I struggle to practice trusting God.  I struggle for lots of reasons:

  • hurts from the past,
  • my own weaknesses,
  • I can’t see the future,
  • I don’t trust people

So for me, trusting God requires practice.  In relation to practice, these are a few helpful tips:

  • form:  wrong form can create all kind of dysfunctions;  the form of trusting God is actively deciding to lean on nothing or no one more than we lean on God (Prov 3:5-6)
  • consistency:  I find that choosing to trust God is a daily & sometimes hourly decision;  when I switch my trust off of God & onto something or someone else, then I’ve stopped practicing
  • character:  it seems like we often trust based on outcomes & because God is sovereign, we don’t always get what we want & so it follows that we can have some resulting challenges to trust God;  rather than trusting God based on the outcomes & results which can change in a blink, let’s decide to practice trusting God based on God’s character – Who God is (kind, just, compassionate, loving, righteous, holy, . . . . );

The Bible is such an essential ingredient in trusting God because the Bible frames for us God’s character and helps us recognize God’s presence & fingerprints in our daily living – thereby helping us to practice trusting God 🙂

What suggestions would you offer to help us practice trusting God?



I am going through a Job experience and the way I am practicing trusting God is with my honest communications with Him whenever I feel fear, confusion, hurt and or temporary anger with Him. He leads and comforts me by speaking to me and giving me scriptures to ‘digest’;sometimes, I have to go to Him this way hourly and sometimes just once or twice a day. Sometimes, my pain is so great, human hands just cannot help me cope but I have found that every time I submit that pain to Jesus, He is faithful to comfort, strengthen and give me perspective! Some days I actually may spend 6-10 hours in communion with Him to cope and have victory that day! Devotions from anointed, Godly people, help so much and God uses them to feed me daily. I am thankful for the Godly Sarahs, Chuck Swindolls, Ron Hutchcrafts and Janet Scotts and the many, many more that offer Godly food to the family of God!

Cristina ( Cris)

Diana I feel very identified with the moment !!! intersections but this friend Sarah that God brought into my life to make me have his presence is clear , not at all religious , and their love and loyal as the Lord …. Your testimony !!!! June 15 makes me feel accompanied !!!!! Blessings “

Cristina ( Cris)

the Bible sets for us the character of God and helps us recognize the presence and the traces of God in our daily lives and praise God when we are doing cleaning , walking , or other all helps a communion and presence of God … Besos.Sarah

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