How to Overcome Rejection

“He doesn’t like nor love me.” This was a common theme in Leah’s life. Leach was the wife of Jacob & daughter of Laban, Rachel’s sister. Leah’s dad pawned her off to be Jacob’s wife through trickery & then after she was married, she rightfully felt that Jacob “hated” her – Leah personified rejection, the walking illustration of “a chip on the shoulder”.
Rejection is awful no matter when or how we experience it, it’s awful but we all go through it, operative word, “THROUGH”.
Leah’s strategy for rejection management had a few helpful points for us:
*Reuben – her first son was called Reuben, with the declaration that God sees her & we must know that God not only sees us but we must keep our eyes on God!
*Simeon – her second son’s name was meant to say that God hears us – you have God’s ear
*Levi was her third son & his name means to attach or connect – remain connected & attached to God, never rejected by God 🙂

Be very clear that God never turns a blind eye not deaf ear to you & that you are wholly accepted, embraced & celebrated by the Creator of the universe, fearfully & wonderfully made!!


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Ok now Sarah you do the math. I don’t buy the old religious perspective about Leah. She had how many kids… oh yeah there had to be a little love going on there somewhere. I just don’t buy into the old school translation. He kept goin back for some reason….duh.
Then come on where did the lineage from the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” come from??? Levi was the lineage for Moses?? Aaron?? Soooooooooooo when your talking about the stone in the middle of the road, well. I don’t think it had to do with anybodies eyes or eyesight – Really.
But your point is well taken – Rejection is tough – having a Holy Spirit dryspell is tough to – maybe there is a reason why Jacob didn’t turn loose until he got a blessing.
Have a beautiful day.

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